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Lotus CAN bus diagnostic cable and software - faults, performance data

Lotus CAN bus diagnostic cable and software - faults, performance data

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Diagnostic cable for Lotus cars equipped with CAN bus, (this is normally cars from 2008 onwards with the V6 engines) in terms of diagnostics for the main ECU. Please make contact if you are at all unsure. 

I am working on a newer cable which will support the new and older style cars, it should be complete in the next few months.

This is specifically for the modules connected to the CAN bus, it will not connect to k-line modules such as SRS or some older ABS for example, or older car ECUs.

I will separately work on the k-line side of things and update in future.

The diagnostic application is available at

 You no longer need to pay per hour for the factory diagnostic tools, or buy extremely expensive cables/interfaces.

It is possible to check and clear normal faults as well as the Lotus specific faults which cause the wrench/spanner warning symbol on the dash.


  • Special Lotus fault codes checking and clearing - spanner/wrench warning light
  • Engine ECU fault code checking and clearing
  • Gearbox (TCU) fault code checking and clearing
  • Bosch ABS fault code checking and clearing
  • Performance data read-out, including an estimated total mileage value for you to correlate with dash mileage

Work is continuing to add support for other modules - Evora TPMS, Instrument panel, also service operations such as brake bleeding etc.

Currently testing fault code checking and brake bleeding function on the Bosch BL/ESP ABS units.

The cable connects to OBD port of the car and a normal USB-A connection of a PC/Laptop.

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