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Rover Lucas 5AS Immobiliser Key Fob Sync Tool - 16-pin

Rover Lucas 5AS Immobiliser Key Fob Sync Tool - 16-pin

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This is only for cars where the 5AS is wired to the 16-pin diagnostic connector.

This tool allows you to sync key fobs to a 5AS immobiliser.
It does not help with linking a 5AS immobiliser to an ECU.

Important - the standard tools lock themselves to a single 5AS immobiliser on first use, you cannot use them on multiple cars.

For workshops I am able to provide fully unlocked versions of the tool upon proof of business etc, listed as the Unlocked version for sale.

The MPI Minis have this type of wiring, if you are not sure about another car then send me the correct wiring diagram for your car and I can have a look for you and check.

Usage: Warning - each time you insert the tool it will wipe all existing fobs so ensure you have all fobs with you ready to program them back in. Simply connect the tool to the OBD port and wait for the indicators to flash and/or horn to beep twice, then repeatedly press the lock button on one fob to be programmed until the indicators flash and/or horn sound, then move on and repeat for additional fobs. There is a 30 second time limit on programming at which point the indicators will flash and/or the horn will sound three times.

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